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Our Services

Our Services

Full-Suite Security Solutions


We provide a wide range of risk-focused services to provide a safe and reliable environment, allowing our clients to focus on their business.

Static Security

We protect our clients’ personnel and property. The sites (and the personnel who occupy these) range from diplomatic missions and corporate offices, to remote camps and large industrial processing plants.

Close Protection

With experienced operators from ex-special Forces and military, USS is able to provide close personal protection (CPP) services. Our client portfolio ranges from diplomats and senior government officials through to high-profile personalities and business executives.

Mobile Security

A key aspect of our mobile operations is maintaining ‘real-time’ detailed understanding of the often-volatile operating environment, provided by experienced personnel and cutting-edge technology. All the while, we remain respectful of local authorities and regulations. We provide an agile and appropriate solution to our clients’ requirements, using a mix of in-vehicle and portable tracking systems, VHF radio, satellite and GSM capabilities.

Embedded Security Managers

USS can provide embedded security managers to protect our clients’ assets. with exemplary track record and wide-ranging experience, these operators are able to mitigate the security risks faced by clients, and they have access to an extensive range of tools and services.


Health and safety risks are an inherent part of operations in any business, especially in remote and underdeveloped regions. Our services include remote area medics, primary care and critical care facilities, and pathology services.

Construction and Refurbishment

Our experienced project managers provide solutions for the design, build and transfer of refurbishment and construction projects according to international standards.

Facilities and Project Management

We have extensive experience in validating property and sites, and assisting with the legal and administrative requirements of leasing and managing facilities in challenging and unregulated environments.


In remote areas, USS can provide and run a fully functioning, rapid deployment accommodation facility based on client specific requirements. This allows for a range of designs, fittings and fixtures, and essential amenities.

USS has experience in providing aviation solutions across the world with a fleet of specially modified King Air aircraft, in addition to access to a global network of aircraft. Our aviation capability is supported by a highly experienced and qualified team of professionals with backgrounds in military and civilian aviation roles, and experience operating in volatile and unregulated areas. USS complies with EASA and FAA maintenance regulations which ensures the highest standards are upheld regardless of the operating space.


Our Advisory & Consulting team has the relevant security skills, analytical capabilities and high technology assets to plan, execute and successfully manage engagements to mitigate operational risk.

Operating in a volatile business environment means challenges can appear with little warning. Our longstanding local knowledge allows us to react swiftly and effectively, no matter where, how or why the crisis has arisen. We provide our clients with tailored solutions for their operational risks, based on long-standing experience in understanding these both inside and outside the corporate envelope. We assess international exposures, beyond the immediate situational scenario, as well as any interdependencies that may arise from either action or inaction.

USS can assist in developing, integrating and validating crisis management plans and we provide ongoing support where required. Our crisis response team specialises in responding to crisis incidents that may harm to our clients and their business operations.

Businesses face increasing pressure from consumers and governments to operate responsibly. Clearly, those companies that adopt controls to remove and prevent fraud and corruption, meet compliance standards and enforce accountability and transparency are able to benefit from enhanced business reputation and competitive advantage.

Better information leads to better decision making. Our team, composed of trusted advisors, aggregates, analyses and succinctly delivers information into order to ensure that our clients have the requisite and relevant information to succeed.

Over 2% of the world’s economy is based on the trade of illicit goods. This trade continues to grow; brand owners, brand protectors and governments are aligning to combat this problem. Our experienced consultants and investigators act for our clients to protect their intellectual property, thereby preserving financial returns and longstanding reputations. Our methodology is investigative- and enforcement-based – through proprietary intelligence networks grown over many years of operating within the industry, we provide market surveys, online and offline investigations; these combine to deliver an effective enforcement program that we are able to design, and execute with appropriate authorities.

Cyber-related incidents are on the rise. Documented breaches are manifold, dwarfed only by undiscovered vulnerabilities. The threat posed by cyber assailants on vital business processes, including industrial control systems, cannot be understated with respect to the damage these may wreak on financial results and reputation. At USS, we have cyber assets that are able combine physical and information assurance assessments to provide a critical assessment of both physical and digital perimeters.

International business means international travel and cross-border activity. our clients require a higher level of situation awareness in unfamiliar locations to better prepare them for the consequences ahead – particularly in a crisis. we help to mitigate these risks via time-critical, comprehensive and tailored intelligence support. we can provide ground proven and current analysis on events such as terrorism & extremism, natural disasters, health & diseases, social unrest. Our clients reach out to us for an informed view on political, military & business a airs, as well as regulatory & policy issues.

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