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About Us

About Us


Headquartered in Hong Kong, USS is a global risk management company that delivers comprehensive, tailored and industry-leading risk management, advisory, crisis management and cyber security services to businesses, governments and organisations in challenging and high-risk environments.

We strive to be an ethical leader in the security and risk management industry; compliant with all rules, regulations and legislation. We value our people, our clients and respect the countries in which we operate.


We provide comprehensive risk management solutions around the world to protect our clients and their activities, thus adding value to their business.


We aim to be a leading influence in a new era of business optimisation in the face of risk.

We seek to empower organisations to make informed decisions with innovative solutions by investing in talent, communities and technology in order to protect our stakeholders, and offer confidence in a challenging world.

Our competitive advantage lies in our team, composed of our highly experienced operators across all of our services lines. We employ the best within the risk management and consulting industry, with experts from around the world in fields ranging from law enforcement and military, intelligence and cyber security, and capital markets, accounting and banking. All are qualified, ground-proven and adhere to strict codes of conduct.

We combine discretion, professionalism and effectiveness to deliver bespoke and highly-effective solutions to your operational risks.

Operational risks are different, and highly dependent on the company, situation and other prevailing issues. We have decades of experience within our team of advisers to ensure that the solution that is delivered is effective and robust, without compromise as to the safety of your personnel, the value of your reputation or the risk to your finances.

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